Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cycling Low-Carb Plans

Today is the day I officially cycle to Stillman's. (That is what I call "shaking it up to shake it down" - "it" being the low carb plan.)

My current goal is 10 lbs. a month, so that I can hit goal (or be very close to it) by the end of June 2008. (May 3 will be my one year anniversary date. When I hit goal, I will have lost a total of 150-155 lbs.!)

This morning, it occurred to me that I "only" have at least 63 lbs. to go! (It could be 68, if I try to hit my lowest goal of 160 lbs.) I've been so focused on the short term goal of winning the water retention battle (ever since I hit the 100 lb. goal in November) that I eventually lost sight of final goal. (Water retention has seriously slowed my efforts since the end of November; I'm very sensitive to inclement weather and barometric changes, which always cause me to retain water.)

At any rate, 63 lbs. doesn't seem like much if I break it down to 10 lbs. a month through June 2008. That also seems so "do-able," and it's a great way to re-focus my efforts.

Other things I will do:

---Make lemon water (boil lemon slices in water) and drink that every day to fight the water retention

---Stick with Stillman's for at least a few weeks, cycling it with Atkins Induction

---Drink at least half of my current body wt. in clear liquids every day (no diet soda, no aspartame, cut back on caffeine).

---Exercise 3x a week (either my personally designed Water Workout, Callanetics, or Pilates on the Ball)

---Faithfully take all my vitamins and supplements

---Keep reading and re-reading low carb books and articles for ideas and motivation!

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