Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reclaiming Your Mojo

I forgot to mention that, as of this morning, I dropped another 2 lbs., so that is 6 lbs. gone since Sunday, Jan. 6th. (I had gained 5 lbs. overnight - from last Saturday to Sunday, which made me very irritated but also determined that I would find a way to halt this upward spiral).

As I wrote earlier today, I’ve been fighting water retention for almost 2 months now. I honestly think it's the winter weather, since arthritics and fibromyalgics are prone to swelling (water retention, which means inflammation) and most are also sensitive to weather changes, like rain, increased humidity, snowfall, etc. Those are the days we endure increased pain. For me, the solution was always my Water Workout and an increase in clear fluid intake.

But nothing has worked since November. I've lost and regained and lost the same lbs. repeatedly since that time. So after trying every low-carb "trick" I know, I am hoping that a Stillman's plan, with some ideas from both Protein Power and Lindora, might help me overcome these strange stall-gains.

That means I'll stick with Protein Power's recommended minimum daily protein take, implementing Lindora's strategy of consuming small amounts of protein per meal, with the day's menu spread out into 4-6 mini-meals. I'm also using the original Atkins Induction level of carbs (20 total, not net, per day - that is, 20 total carbs is the uppermost daily limit and is not viewed as an absolute requirement. If I have less carbs per day, the fat loss - not just weight loss, which could include muscle and that is not a good thing - should be faster.).

It's good to have a plan and to feel extremely determined...in fact, it's VERY good!

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