Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Battle of the Bulge Continues

I know just how Tinkerbell feels. I'm stuck, too - but the battle must continue!

Considering my terrible neglect in sharing any of the deliteful designs of my humble life, I was grateful to return to the blog and find a few followers. Shari and Jen, you inspired me to start bloggin' once more. Thank you - and I'll catch up with you dear ones asap...

Quick Update: All this while, I've been hanging on the periphery of the lowcarb world, alternating as always, and still I lost no more inches or pounds. The old body simply won't budge. I admit I am tired of the battle, but then - I honestly don't want to give up.

Then a few weeks ago I quit smoking (again, for the upteenth time) - and though I refused to look at the scale, I could feel the gain. Water retention got me with a vengeance. And, oh, the headaches! Out came the lemon water to fight the swelling. To add insult to injury, Hormonal Flux recently hit, and the resulting blah-bloat joined the party.

I knew I was losing the battle. I had to know the numbers - because if they were scary enough, I'd get mad and do something about it.

So tonight I gave in. Yes, I got on the scale, which likes to beckon me with its siren song. It dutifully (and perhaps gleefully) gave its report - but I will not repeat how I replied to it (because it really was not polite). The bad news is that 25 lbs. added their nasty selves to my frame in the last few weeks.

Frustrated beyond belief, I finally complained to my husband, who started out well enough by remarking, "Well, you've done really great so far. You can do it again." He should have stopped right there, because that's really all I needed to hear. After all, just a little vote of confidence takes me a long, long way. But no, he thought he'd be very helpful by adding, "But you're right - you can see that you've gained weight."

As any woman in her right mind would understand, I was not pleased with my beloved. However, I decided to bite my tongue because an immediate vision of Jabba the Hut (female version), wearing my clothes, literally waddled thru my mind. (Actually, did Jabba waddle? It was more like a grotesque slithering, wouldn't you say?) At any rate, it wasn't a pretty picture.

And then it happened - that old glow of determination, like the dying embers of a fire, suddenly stoked. You can call it being ticked off, mad, extremely annoyed or whatever - but when that glow hits, I take stock of what needs to be done...and then I do it. The only problem is - I've low-carbed in earnest for over two years, and though I lost so much weight, I cannot lose anymore. (And I really do need to!) I can, however, easily gain. What do I need to do - stop eating any carbs? I have to say I didn't like the Zero Carb approach one bit. (That's just me - it works for others who are quite happy with it. More power to them, too!) Other options I've considered: Try calorie-counting? I do that already with Fitday, along with counting everything else.

So, in other words...Now what?

I know the benefits of the low-carb lifestyle. And I chose not to lose them.

Low carbing and some form of exercise just has to do it. Those pounds really must go! The only thing I can think to do is return to Induction - whether it's Atkins, EFGT, or Protein Power. How to decide which one, I'm not sure, since I've done them all. Maybe I'll just close my eyes and say, "Eenie-meenie-miney-mo" and pick one that way. The point is: I have to believe that determination and perseverance will eventually pay off (in spades, no less!).

In any case: What the good-guy character Rick McConnell in the "The Mummy" once said to the Scorpion King is what I say to those extra pounds..."Go to h-ll ---and take your friends with you!" ;>

Ok, enough with being "naughty." (!!!)

Today, because I felt so ill, I wasn't very hungry. But I was very good to myself with proteins, a bit of fats, and a soothing smoothie. For all I know, I had gained 30 lbs. this past month (would that I could lose that much in the same time frame!), so perhaps I'll start dropping the enemy pounds in another day or two. (Except I found out that the one and only smoothie I drank today had a bit of sugar in it, since my 'baby' son, now 11, wanted to pamper Mom - bless his heart - but he forgot that Hershey's syrup is a no-no for me. I thought that chocolate-flavored whey protein was just a bit too sweet, and I was right.)

Ah, well. As Scarlett once said, with stars in her eyes:

"After all, tomorrow is another day." (May I have her determination, without her faults!)


swatkins said...

OK "Scarlett", you still have wit...
It was so good to hear from you. I had to re-read my post of Memorial Day, and I too am still plugging away. I got on the scale this AM and it read 231.5....Guess what, that's about what I was weighing Memorial Day.. The journey...she is a long one for us. A lifelong one. Someday's I am better than I am on others. I have been busy raising a huge garden this summer, I still have folks that tell me each day, how good I look and that I am dropping pounds, but it's a really slow process of late. I did get down to 228, but regained in July, my B'day month. I gave myself clearance to have any treats I wanted. I am still trying, continuing with my exercise and half-hearted diet efforts. I need to get serious again. I have learned that I can do maintenance fairly well.

Again it was so wonderful hearing from you...Glad you are back. Get strong before the holidays swing into play. I am still at Jimmy's and still doing the BLC there, but only posting weights weekly and not chatting it up much. I am also at Sparkpeople. That site is great for me. If you haven't checked it out, please do so, you too might get a little encouragement. Good luck to you as you continue your journey. By the way, I don't have a blog, I don't think I could be so committed, and it would be one more thing I felt I didn't have time for. Maybe someday, but not now.

Hope to see you around.



The Divine Miss M said...

Shari, dear: Good to hear from you, too! And you know that I relate to you 100%. The road has been long and we are anxious to hit goal and then life-long maintenance. I was reading somewhere about the gains of prominent lowcarbers, and the blogger wrongly concluded it's all because lcing is too hard. I disagree...what's hard are the long stalls, with no recourse. You know me, I eat 'clean,' but a 2 year stall (with bounces) is beyond the absurd. But we'll find a way out and get to Onederland! Btw, I am not familiar with Sparkpeople...I will look for it, but please tell me more and how to find you there.