Monday, January 19, 2009

Keeping It Simple, Sweetie!

As of this past Saturday, I dropped a total of 13 lbs. in six days. I honestly don't know how I drop like that. I also don't know why I more easily gain, even while remaining on the low-carb track. I do suspect hormonal imbalances, as well as a leptin issue. (It seems everyone and every "thing" today has "issues," doesn't it?)

Because experience has taught me that quick drops usually result in effortless rebounds, I've decided that this week I am not going to step on the digital scale. Although fat loss keeps tempting me to be my my greatest goal, that attitude isn't going to help me. Keeping my health is the real aim. After all, weight gain is just one of the many symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome.

Healing the metabolism is the answer.

So this is the plan for the upcoming week: I will make a list for the family menus (check out the low-carb pyramid above - although I'd slightly alter it so that fats come first, low-carb is healthy for them, too!). If the winter weather doesn't inflict yet another snowstorm on us, I will get back to my Water Workouts. If that last part of the plan isn't 'do-able,' out will come the exercise mat and the Callenetics DVD's. I'm also going to stock up on absolutely needed supplements, of which I've run short.

Making low-carb menus for the family is a great deal for everybody. Who could possibly disagree that meals featuring fresh or frozen green vegetables (drizzled with butter or saut├ęd in extra virgin coconut oil) or a tossed salad (with an Italian or other full-fat dressing), a satisfying main protein course, and the occasional sugar-free dessert is not nutrition-packed? Truth to tell, dessert is not a regular deal in this house. But when I make low-carb (that means "sugar-free") cheesecake with an almond meal/flaxseed crust, everybody wants it! (I think that the rare lc cheesecake or sugar-free mousse are the real reasons why dh and the kids get geeked when Mom plays in the kitchen.)

It's also surprising how motivational it is to create good, low-carb, nutritional meals which are very simple. Help in the "Motivation Department" is a boon, but neither do I want to waste too many precious hours in cooking, nor do I enjoy obsessing over 'what to eat' or 'what to serve' today. If I may say so myself, I'm a good cook, for a crowd - on a daily basis - is a real challenge. Sure, it's a necessity, but there are other things I need to do, too. At this point in my life, I just want to make this cooking-eating-clean up business (for a family of eight) as fast, easy and enjoyable as possible. (Thank heaven for crockpots!)

As the old saying goes, "Keep it simple, sweetie!" Sounds good to me.

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Howdy! I followed your like from the Jan. challenge thread! Congrats on the 13 pounds. I do agree 100% thought that the focus needs to be health. Sounds like you have a terrific plan for your meals! Your blog is very interesting Divine Miss M! I see we face a few of the same issues.

Take care and see you in the challenge!