Friday, January 16, 2009

Back on Track

Today marks the beginning of Day 5 with EFGT (Eat Fat, Get Thin) . While expecting to lose a respectable amount of fat and water this week, my total loss from Monday-Friday morning is 11.4 lbs. (I know, my lower jaw hit the floor, too!) Men can usually drop weight like that, but not women!

After analyzing my menus of the past five days, I realized I have used EFGT with a "reversed Lindora" approach. That is, I began with the EFGT recommended protein gram amts. (only I rotated the amount just a bit every day), aimed for the recommended fat grams (never quite made it), and took the full carb load (up to 65 carb grams but consuming the bulk of them first thing in the morning after eating my proteins). In other words, I ate my fried-in-butter eggs first (with 4 thin slices of salami on the side) and saved the toasted bagel (with 1 tbsp. butter on it) for last. The rest of the day's meals were fat with decreasing amounts of protein, or protein with a teeny bit of carbs (like a light dinner of 6 oz. of deli turkey wrapped in 2 thin slices of Swiss cheese).

It seems the bigger breakfasts, moderate lunches, and very modest dinners play a big factor in making the metabolism happy as it loses fat. It simply makes sense to "fuel up" for the day, take in enough at lunch to keep the body going without any extra carbs to stow away into fat, and consume a very modest dinner, when the body is preparing for sleep and repair. I'm sure as times goes by, I will probably have to lower the daily carb amounts. For now, though, 65 net carbs, mostly consumed with the first meal, seems to be working very well. (That's an understatement!)

The first week of Lindora, on the other hand, begins with three "all protein days" and negligible carbs (like those found in eggs). Then it rotates to 4 days of limited protein amounts (measuring by ounces, not grams) and 50-100 carb grams. With EFGT, it seems I've done the opposite, starting with protein, fats and carbs. Besides reversing the carb order over the 7 days, I'm not taking the low-fat option.

Initially, my plan was to follow the "more generous" EFGT guidelines for 3-4 days, then drop to the lower carb option while remaining with the EFGT fat and protein amounts - and that's still the plan for this first week back on track!
Next week may be another story - but it will be a low-carb one!

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