Saturday, August 21, 2010

HCG: Divine's First Round

Well, today I officially begin a new phase in my life. Lately, I decided to try what I call the HCG Protocol, created by a Dr. Simeon long, long ago. He wrote a book called "Pounds and Inches," which is available - for free - on the Net.

For now, I won't write much about the protocol itself...but I will do so soon. As the moment, I am still learning about HCG and focusing on one Phase at a time (though I did take a peek at what to do in future Phases).

For the past two days, I've been taking homeopathic HCG drops (H-HCG, for short), and "loading up" (otherwise known as "load" days, which means eating a lot of good fats). Today I will begin the "diet" - a VLC (Very Low Cal) way-of-eating, for just 21 days. (That's just one part of the "protocol.")

Before one panics on hearing "VLC," please know that the only reason I'd dare try it is due to the effect of the HCG drops. What effect? It pulls out the tough fat, upon which the body will get is energy; repairs and reset the hypothalamus, and the protein and veggies one does eat are just enough to help the body repair. There's the "side benefit" of greatly mitigating arthritis pain while taking HCG.

I am doing this since I have tried every low-carb angle possible, and still I am "stuck." I think a 2 year experience of bouncing, fighting it off, losing a little, gaining it back (along with very unwelcome friends) is ENOUGH. It is time to find out why low-carb worked (for awhile) and then STOPPED working. According to Dr. Simeon's, those of us who struggle like this do have a "Metabolic Disorder" and it needs quite a few adjustments to get it straightened out.

Since my own doctor can't or won't help me, I'm on my own (again). After getting blood tests (all normal - or so he says) and reflecting on the only choices he gave me (giving up OR trying a higher carb, lower protein diet that has never worked for me but which my doctor "snarkily" recommended), I mentally dismissed him and immediately began looking for more options.

But where to look when one doesn't know exactly what one is seeking?

So I searched around low carb boards and discovered something called HCG. Honestly, I donj't remember hearing about it, and yet it seems to ring a distant bell. So I read a bit about it, didn't know what to think....and pondered for awhile.

Eventually, I went to a brand-new health store near my little town. Lo and behold, they had info on HCG, as well as a few books and the homeopathic drops. After discussing it with the fella behind the counter (whom I've met before and who informed me he is also on the HCG, having lost 24 lbs. in 21 days), I bought the books and the drops.

Then I came home and read and pondered a bit more. Though I have a bit of anxiety (which is silly - what do I have to lose except unhealthy fat?), I am "gong for it."

Never give up, never give in! And as the old commercial jingo goes, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Whoosh Fairy

Remember the Blue Fairy from Pinnochio? She has a twin sister, who is known as the "Whoosh Fairy." In case you don't know what she does, I'd be happy to tell you.

The Whoosh Fairy is the best friend of low-carbers. She visits when one least expects it. What she seemingly does is reward those who stick with the low-carb lifestyle, despite all temptations to despair (especially when the scale goes stubborn for a matter of days or even weeks).

Just when one really needs it most, the Whoosh Fairy visits, waves her magic wand, and - Whoosh - the pounds disappear (overnight) in 2, 3, 4 or even 5 lb. increments. (With the fellas, she's sometimes even more generous! Lucky dudes!)

Of course, there's a scientific explanation for the Whoosh, and it has to do with insulin, glycogen stores, muscle vs. fat, and all that jazz. And I could and have explained it in a scientific manner, many a time.

But the Whoosh Fairy is beautifully whimsical, and there are times in life one simply needs the whimsical.

Besides, I prefer to believe in faeries and mermaids and the man-in-the-moon...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here Comes the Bride - 25 Years Later

It looks like spring has sprung, and I decided to follow suit. Today (Sunday), I again started my 1.5 hour Water Workout, and I ended up by kicking my own caboose (wow, did I!). My plan is to ease into the low-carbing for a day or two, and then slide right into Atkins Induction. When that stops working, I'll again count on my "shake it up to shake it down" routine by rotating or cycling the low-carb ways of eating. All of them work for me - for a while, that is.

As usual, the winter brought its usual struggle of bouncing up on the scale. The bounces kept winning. So I've decided, this year it is my turn to win. I absolutely will hit my final goal (or I will be very close to it). How I will do that - well, we'll find out. Where there's a will, there's a way - and I have the will to do it! I'm going to crack my own personal fat loss code, break the plateau, shake this booty off, enter Onederland - and stay there!

Incidentally, this May 3rd marks the third year since I learned how to low-carb and keep at it. While I had great success for the first 6.5 months, I never hit final goal, despite my best efforts. Third time's the charm, or so they say. :)

Besides, I have another great incentive: This December marks the silver wedding anniversary of the dh and I. I can't believe it myself - where did that time go? The dh and I had a beautiful wedding Mass and a small reception, but we never had a honeymoon. In my humble opinion, after 25 years, 6 children, lots of joys but also many sorrows, he and I should have a honeymoon. For myself, I'd be thrilled for just one week away alone with the hubby, something like the Carribean, Aruba, whatever - just a beautiful island with lots of blue, blue water. So that's my secret hope.

Realistically, it's just a pipe dream, really, since we're not rich people and I really can't see how we'd manage to afford such a trip. Still, I am hoping and planning that we can manage something special for our silver anniversary.

That reminds me! I'm trying to remember where I tucked away my wedding dress (and how in the world could I forget something like that?). I've seen couples who renew their wedding vows and I've seen brides who still fit into their wedding gowns 25 years later. I think that could be my ultimate anniversary goal, eh?